This Vancouver-filmed video featuring a dancing Obama and Trump has over 100,000 views (Video)


I miss you like obama
Timo Sargent / YouTube

If the orange man down south is giving you serious Obama withdrawals, you aren’t alone.

A recent Vancouver-filmed video entitled “I Miss You like Obama” is getting substantial traffic. In fact, it has over 150,000 views and was posted a mere three weeks ago.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Timo Sargent about the idea behind his song as well as his experience filming in Vancouver. 

“The inspiration for the video came from wanting to make something that was irresistibly fun. Who can say no to a dancing Barack Obama – arguably the coolest man in existence and a role model who many people look up to for his morals, his passion, his eloquence, his class and determination – and something that was relevant to the current, fractured political environment. I felt like the masks draw the eye and make you hit play and think – alright, I’ll give these guys a couple minutes to see what they’re saying,” he explained.

Sargent added that the crew had an incredible time filming in Vancouver, and that they were impressed by how friendly people were.

“We filmed along the sea wall, and lots of people walking their dogs or having a stroll stopped to chat about Trump and Obama and take pictures and ask what we were doing,” he said.

“We also filmed in Robson Square, and the dancer, Antonya Raymond, performed there. The minute the cameras were on she didn’t hesitate and just went all out. I really admire her confidence! It was a crowded day down there and so many people stopped to watch her do her thing.”

Sargent’s video was picked up by UNILAD last week and has been viewed nearly 100,000 on its Facebook page; Sargent’s personal Facebook page has 50,000 views and counting.