Vancouver gas prices break all-time record, expected to climb higher


Gas Prices
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Metro Vancouver gas prices have broken records again this week with numerous stations showing 168.9 cents per litre or higher.

Dan McTeague, a Senior Petroleum Analyst with, had tweeted about the rising prices on Wednesday. In fact, he even predicted that they would hit 168.9 cents per litre by Friday. He has also stated that these prices will continue to climb into summer.

With this in mind, shows that there are a couple of stations in Vancouver with much lower prices available. In fact, an entry from today shows a station selling gas for 160.9 cents per litre. Likewise, an entry from 11 hours ago shows a significantly lower price of 149.9 cents per litre available.

Gas Prices
Gasbuddy / Vancouver

Vancouver Gas Prices

On Monday, April 1, British Columbia’s long-standing carbon tax increased to $40 a ton, which is double the federal carbon tax introduced in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick — provinces that did not previously have any carbon tax in place.

That adds another 1.2 cents per litre at the pump, McTeague said.

The previous record high was broken in October, with a number of Lower Mainland stations showing as high as $163.9 cents per litre.