Metro Vancouver gas prices smash all-time North American record


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Metro Vancouver gas prices continue to soar as multiple stations across the Lower Mainland showed 1.7 cents per litre on Sunday, April 14.

Dan McTeague, a Senior Petroleum Analyst with, tweeted about the soaring costs, remarking that it “seems those who don’t pay the costs are doing most of the bellyaching.”

What’s more, numerous stations are still hovering around 169.9 cents per litre on Monday, April 15.

McTeague notes that, “169.9 is the new reality for #Vancouver motorists.” He also questions what the prices would look like if the TransMountain Pipeline hadn’t been blocked.

Of course, there are some stations showing lower prices across Vancouver as of Monday, April 15. In fact, there are a handful of stations showing just under 1.6 cents per litre. With that being said, most of them are far higher.

gas prices / Vancouver

Vancouver Gas Prices

On Monday, April 1, British Columbia’s long-standing carbon tax increased to $40 a ton, which is double the federal carbon tax introduced in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick — provinces that did not previously have any carbon tax in place.

That adds another 1.2 cents per litre at the pump, McTeague said.

The previous record high was broken in October, with a number of Lower Mainland stations showing as high as $163.9 cents per litre.