Vancouver weather: 2019 Summer forecast for B.C. released


vancouver weather
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February 2019 was the coldest February on record in Vancouver since the records began in 1937. However, summer is expected to see above average temperatures across the province.

With that being said, the current Metro Vancouver weather forecast calls for plenty of rainfall and fairly average spring temperatures over the next couple of weeks.

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Matt MacDonald, Meteorologist, Environment Canada, who explained what the region had to look forward to in the coming months.

“While March was extremely dry in the province, April will continue to see wetter, more typical spring weather,” he described. “The next couple of weeks will likely see quite a bit of rain, and daily highs of around 13 degrees and lows of five.”

MacDonald noted, however, that the presence of a weak El Niño will affect temperatures heading into summer.

“We expect to see above average temperatures in late spring and into summer,” he stated.

“With that in mind, it is far too early to predict how dry the summer season will be. Precipitation can only really be gauged within a couple of weeks. Even then, it is very difficult to determine, and forecast confidence decreases over time.”

As such, MacDonald expects that the summer will be warmer than usual, but he couldn’t comment on how much rainfall the province will receive.

Vancouver weather
Environment Canada

Metro Vancouver Weather

On Wednesday, March 20, a jaw-dropping 48 weather records were broken across B.C. What’s more, some areas saw soaring highs of nearly 26°C.

For example, the Agassiz Area broke its old record of 21.7°C set in 1915 with a summery high of 25.8°C. Likewise, the Squamish Area broke its old record of 21°C set in 1999 with a toasty 25.9°C daily high.