There’s a brand new mobile fuel delivery service in Metro Vancouver!



As gas stations continue to disappear throughout Metro Vancouver, keeping your tank filled has never been more of a hassle — not anymore.

Photo: Filld

Life is busy enough and having to sacrifice the things we want to do for errands and responsibilities that add stress to our days can take the joy out of the free time we do have. That’s especially true when we need to make a gas station run to fill-up our tanks. A low (or empty) gas tank always seems to happen when we’re on the go —  battling rush hour after work or running out the door in the morning.

Luckily for us, Filld has come to Vancouver.

Filld is a mobile fueling company that delivers fuel to vehicles while parked at home or at work, and they’re on a mission to free drivers from ever needing to stop for gas again. Since officially launching service for Vancouver residents this past December, Filld has delivered tens of thousands of liters of fuel to consumers across the metro area. They also recently launched a pilot program with Hollyburn Properties Limited to offer mobile fueling for residents at the Shannon Tower, Nicola Place, Barafield, Bridgewater, Iona, and Flamingo apartment homes.

With buzz, and the service, growing around town, we wanted to try Filld ourselves. So, we did.

Here’s how it works

Photo: Filld

We wanted the at-work fill experience so we reached out to Filld to set up a special delivery time.

Filld typically serves neighborhoods on two designated “fill” days – one early in the week and one later. Filld will text you on those days to see if you want them to come by and fill your cars. If you text “Yes,” they’ll swing by overnight and fill your tank. Don’t need it this time? No worries, just ignore the text and they’ll come back later in the week. For at-work fueling, Filld creates specialized contracts with local offices to offer Filld as a perk for employees or to fuel company fleets.

We set up a designated time for Filld to fill-up our vehicles at our office in the False Creek neighborhood. After popping our vehicles’ gas flaps, which is really all you need to do before a fill, we met their delivery driver outside so we could see the fill go down ourselves (you don’t need to be present to get Filld though).

Here’s how much it costs

Photo: Filld

Filld calculates fuel prices based on the average local gas price in your area on delivery day. As an example, the cost of Filld fuel in Vancouver was $1.69 per litre for regular, $1.89 per litre for supreme/premium 91 at the time of publishing this story. You pay for fuel for each vehicle in addition to a small delivery fee ($3-$5) that covers all the cars on your account that are located at your designated address at delivery time.

Here’s why it’s awesome

Just like putting out the garbage or recycling, Filld aims to integrate into your weekly service routine and eliminate the scramble of going out of your way just so you can fuel up. Also, Filld gas is filtered and never sits in dirty, underground tanks, ensuring you get the cleanest gas with each fill.

Filld is changing the way drivers fuel their cars. Gas delivery to homes, residential buildings, and offices, gives drivers a fresh alternative to the hassle of the gas station. No more searching for gas stations, no more pumping your own fuel and no more wasting time.

You can sign-up now at For a limited time, you can create an account and use the code HOMEFUEL to get a fixed-rate deal of  $1.50 per litre of regular fuel or $1.70 per litre of premium fuel for 30 days. This promotion ends on May 24, 2019.