Watch these 2 thieves arrogantly try to steal a bait car in B.C. (Video)


“Don’t drive it like you stole it.”

These were a few of the famous last words spoken by a suspect in the recorded theft of a bait car in Ridge Meadows in 2016.

bait car
@officialbaitcar / Twitter

The video shows a man and a woman dumping a bunch of bicycles into the back seat before they sit in the front seats and drive off. The suspects were later caught and arrested by the Ridge Meadows RCMP.

IMPACT – BC Auto Crime Police Tweeted a video of the theft on Thursday, stating “that This Bait Car arrest video from 2016 just goes to show you that nobody can identify a Bait Car. Our fleet of operational Bait Cars are parked in communities, towns and cities all across British Columbia. Steal a Bait Car, go to jail.”

After the man drives off, the woman asks, “You don’t think this is a bait car or anything?”

“Not even close,” the man assures. “It wouldn’t have been this easy to take.”

Following this, both suspects notice a police vehicle turning towards them.

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