Over 80% of 4/20-friendly dads want weed for Father’s Day, poll finds


Scrambling for Father’s Day gift ideas this year?

No problem: Buy dad some weed.

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Photo: marijuana on black table, rolled joints / Shutterstock

While the gift may not have been legal last year, respondents to a recent poll say that they’d like to receive a cannabis-related gift for the big day.

The poll, conducted by Lift & Co. Corp., targeted Canadian dads who are also cannabis consumers. It found that the overwhelming majority, or 88  percent, report that they’d like to receive a cannabis-related gift.

With this in mind, younger fathers were more open to receiving a “green gift” on the big day. 90 percent of dads aged 25-54 were open to these gifts, versus 60 percent of dads over 55. In addition, “45% of dads said they would like to receive a cannabis-related gift from their spouse.”

What’s more, the majority of dads, or 88 percent, report that, “that responsible cannabis consumption is the same as responsible alcohol consumption.”

And while you won’t be able to buy dad any weed-infused beers or brownies this Father’s Day, there’s a chance you might be able to stuff his stocking with some weed candies for the winter holidays. In fact, cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals could be sold in B.C. stores as early as December 16, the federal government announced June 14.

With files from Business In Vancouver.