V.I.A. Podcast Ep. 66 – Why you should meet the people behind the meat you eat


There are a lot of buzzwords in the food retail business: Sustainable, organic, fresh, local, healthy, natural, and so on. Then shift over specifically to the meat counter and you’ve got terms like “grass-fed,” “pasture-raised,” “cage-free,” “nose-to-tail,” and more. So how do you know what to buy?

Consumers are faced with these choices daily, with virtually every meal we either prepare ourselves or purchase, and there is a lot to consider. If you’ve already decided that eating meat is right for you, why does it matter so much where your meat is coming from?

We sat down with Jason Pleym to talk about meat. He and his wife, Margot, are the co-founders of Two Rivers Specialty Meats. Based in North Vancouver, Two Rivers has grown to become nearly synonymous with meat in the city, particularly because of their role as supplier to many chefs and restaurants, as well as their connection with vendors like SPUD, who sell their products.

Plus, we talk about the upcoming Brewery and the Beast event. Two Rivers is once again the meat sponsor of this wildly popular (and sold out) summertime fest of all things meat and beer. Mark you calendars for 2020 to be sure to get tickets for next year.

Co-hosts Lindsay and Adam also talk about the closing of Escobar restaurant, and what summer in Vancouver is all about for each of them.

Speaking of summer, the V.I.A. Podcast is going to go on a summer break, so take some time to relax and enjoy any of the 65 other episodes in our archives. PS: Wear sunscreen!

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Episode 66 – Show Notes


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Lindsay is the Managing Editor of Vancouver Is Awesome, and the co-host and co-producer of the Vancouver Is Awesome Podcast. A fifth generation Vancouverite and life-long foodie, Lindsay also serves as a judge for the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards. Previously the Food Editor of Daily Hive, Senior Editor of Vancity Buzz, and Editor-in-Chief of LAist.com, in her past life in L.A. she earned an MA in English, attended culinary school, and was an English professor. Lindsay's first published piece was December 1980 in The Province; it was her letter to Santa. E-mail: lindsay@vancouverisawesome.com // Twitter/Instagram: @squashblossom