This spell-binding spotted lake in B.C. changes shapes and colours (PHOTOS)


osoyoos spotted lake
Photo: @solusrex / Instagram

A truly spell-binding sight to behold, B.C.’s Spotted Lake offers a magnificent blend of ever-changing colours, shapes, and textures.

Located in Osoyoos, the leopard-like lake changes as it dries up in the summer months. As the lake’s water evaporates, beautiful formations are revealed at the bottom that continue to shift and change throughout the season. The multi-coloured puddles are comprised of rich, mineral deposits that give them their otherworldly appearance.

According to the BC Geographical Names Office, the lake also has barely visible rings of Epsom salt crystals that float near the surface and sink to the bottom. Formed by the sun’s rays, these salts were used to make explosives in World War 1 (12th Report of the Okanagan Historical Society Report, 1948, citing Parham 29-30).

With this in mind, the lake is, “sacred to the Okanagan First Nations people, and known as Klikuk, a sacred medicine lake,” describes the Okanagan Vacation Guide. As such, the lake is also considered a place of profound healing.

It should be noted, however, that this lake is located on private property. While people may view it from Highway 3, they may not walk on it or close to it.