Air Canada flight out of Vancouver has ‘engine shutdown’ with 112 passengers onboard


An Air Canada flight from Vancouver to Anchorage was re-routed on Sunday, June 23 after the aircraft’s engine shutdown mid-flight.

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Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Angela Mah, Media Relations Spokesperson, Air Canada, about why the engine stopped working and how Air Canada responded to the incident.

“Flight AC538 from Vancouver to Anchorage on June 23 returned to Vancouver enroute after an engine shutdown,” stated Mah.

“The aircraft, an A320 carrying 112 customers, landed normally. The flight re-departed with another aircraft later.”

Mah added that aircraft are designed to fly on one engine, and that Air Canada’s pilots are, “highly skilled professionals who are trained for such situations.”

She also noted that the aircraft in question is currently out of service and that it will be inspected by Air Canada maintenance professionals.

Air Canada is also facing some serious questions regarding an incident that took place in a parked aircraft in Toronto. A woman fell asleep while on board her flight from Quebec City to Toronto and woke up alone in the dark. She was later rescued by a baggage carrier, but reports that the experience has caused her extreme anxiety.

Air Canada is currently looking into the incident.