Ferrari driver busted for going ‘warp speed’ on B.C. highway

Jon Manchester - Castanet


It was a memorable Canada Day for one Ferrari driver heading to the Okanagan. But not for the fireworks.


The driver was nabbed by RCMP going “well in excess of 200 km/h” on the Okanagan Connector coming into West Kelowna.

Cpl. Mike Halstov told CTV News “trying to chase someone down at those speeds is extremely difficult,” so the traffic officers radioed ahead to West Kelowna RCMP, who waited at the Highway 97C-Highway 97 junction.

The driver was slapped with a $483 fine, and the car was impounded for a week.

“Stopped this Ferrari on Canada Day going warp speed along Hwy 97C,” BCRCMP Traffic tweeted. “Can’t outrun a police radio!”