Watch this couple steal a bait car and try to outwit police (VIDEO)


bait car
Photo: IMPACT – BC’s Auto Crime Police / YouTube

A couple were exposed stealing a bait car in Langley in a recent video posted by IMPACT – BC Auto Crime Police on Wednesday, July 3.

IMPACT – BC Auto Crime Police tweeted the video and note that police were able to track the thieves quickly.

“Two thieves steal a Bait Car and hope to quickly flip the laptop they found inside,” the post reads. “But just as quickly, the police track them down and make the arrests.”

The video begins with a woman saying, “Okay now what? I need your help?” as the two thieves get into the car. She also points out that there is an IBM laptop in the back, and tells her partner that she loves him.

They comment that the car is an automatic, but that they’d prefer a standard.

“Turn off your (expletive) high beams,” she condemns. “Drive like a normal person.”

Her partner informers her that the high beams are off, and she then calls someone to organize a sale of the laptop; she adds that it doesn’t have a charger with it, though.

Following this, the woman observes that the pair are being followed. She begins to panic, stating that they “are done.” From here, the video reads: *far too many f bombs.*

As the cops begin to yell the woman pleads, “Please don’t hurt me I’m pregnant.”

She adds that they were simply “dropped off” at the car, but police aren’t buying the convenient narrative.

The message from IMPACT – BC Auto Crime Police?

“Steal a Bait Car. Go to Jail.”


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