You can snorkel with seals at this eccentric singles event in Metro Vancouver



We’re all looking for love, but where to find it?

Photo: Unsplash / Miguel Martinez

How long have you been doing the same things and going to the same places, in hopes that one day, the outcome will be different and you’ll finally lock eyes with… the one.

The truth is, love works in mysterious ways, which means you’re not likely to track it down in your usual haunts.

No one can guarantee when and where you’ll find love, but Vancouver’s premier singles club Events & Adventures can encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and as a result, meet some fascinating, like-minded new people in the city. Check out this month’s events below, which include snorkeling with seals, a million pieces of lego (literally) and more!

Snorkeling with the Seals

Events & Adventures is taking a private boat near Horseshoe Bay to go snorkeling with the seals! Get up-close with these adorable creatures and witness them frolic in their natural habitat. There are also options to kayak and paddleboard on this one-of-a-kind adventure on the North Shore.

The Brick Bar – Lego Event

This event will consist of over 1 million lego blocks ready to be transformed into anything you like. Prepare to bond with others during this epic nostalgia trip. Just try not to step on any of those bricks, ouch!

Brewery Bike Tour

Photo: Unsplash

3 breweries visited by 14 people on 1 GIANT bike. Events & Adventures will be pedaling around some amazing breweries in North Vancouver. Here’s a fantastic opportunity for craft beer lovers to bond over their love of hops.

Penthouse BBQ Party

This month, Events & Adventures has scored an epic rooftop with a private terrace that views Vancouver’s majestic skyline. Here you will enjoy an awesome BBQ complete with music, cheap drinks, and giant games! This is definitely one of their most sought after singles events of the month, so don’t miss out!

Private SUP Tour

Head to Kits Beach to embark on a 2-hour private standup paddleboarding lessons. Stand-up-paddling is a great way to improve your core strength and balance, making it an ideal cross-training activity. All skill levels are welcome.

Photo: Unsplash

Events & Adventures ensures each event is attended by awesome eligible singles, which means you never need to worry about gathering a group or going alone. There’s always something to talk about, always someone new to meet and always new experiences to be had. 

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