‘They were starving’: Someone left 2 kittens, 7 cats trapped inside of storage bins for days

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cats trapped in bins
Nine cats were discovered trapped in storage bins. They are now being nursed back to health. Photo: SPCA

The BC SPCA says it is caring for nine cats who were found trapped inside storage bins left outside on a vacant property.

The SPCA’s Alex Schare says the agency received a call from the property manager who heard the animals meowing from inside the bins and had taken them to the vet.

The cats had been trapped in these containers for days without food or water breathing through air holes punched in the lid. Several cats scored only one on the body condition scale of one to nine. There are two kittens and seven adult cats three years old and younger.

“These cats were starving, and matted with feces and urine. Some of the adult cats would not have lived much longer and will require a refeeding plan to slowly reintroduce their bodies to food,” said Schare.

The cats were so badly matted that their fur had to be shaved, said a news release.

“Despite everything they have been through, all of the cats are vocal and friendly,” he said.

As the property was vacant at the time and the cats were found outside it is not known who is responsible for this act of cruelty.

The northern B.C. SPCA is caring for the cats. The total cost of caring for them is expected to reach $3,024. To help these cats, visit spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency.

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