Speed limit lowered on major Metro Vancouver bridge by 20 km/hr


A new speed limit is in place for the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Part of the Alex Fraser Bridge Improvement Project, the speed limit has gone down from 90 km/h to 70 km/h.

Alex Fraser Bridge speed limit
Photo: Alex Fraser Bridge / Shutterstock

Drivers were advised yesterday by the transportation ministry that the speed limit is reduced and two lanes are closed in order for crews to remove painted lines and install temporary markers for the northbound lanes.

To accommodate the additional lane of traffic for the upcoming seven-lane counter-flow system, the lanes will be reduced in width from approximately 3.7 metres to 3.55 metres (about a six-inch reduction). To help keep travellers safe and traffic flowing efficiently during counter-flow, the speed limit on the bridge will be permanently lowered.

Work is expected to take three nights to complete.

Once completed this year, the improvement project will see a seventh lane to the bridge and the new counter-flow moveable barrier system to improve capacity and help reduce traffic congestion during peak periods.

The project’s total budget is just over $70 million with the federal government contributing nearly $34 million and the B.C. government contributing just over $36 million.