This epic adventure park ride near Vancouver combines sweeping views with a terrifying 150ft drop (VIDEO)



Look at the view, just don’t look down…

Cultus Lake Adventure Park is home to over a dozen wild rides, but the crowning jewel of this epic summertime destination has got to be the aptly named Cloud Buster.

Intended for those thrill seekers who like to shoot up into the air, really high – and then drop, really fast, the Cloud Buster takes brave coaster cruisers 150 ft high in the air before dropping at speeds of over 90km/hr. The devilish trick of the whole experience is that you’ll want to keep your eyes open to take in the sweeping views of the neighbouring lake, which you will immediately regret as the Cloud Buster suddenly drops back down to earth.

That said, it’s super fun.

Photo: Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Fortunately, Cultus Lake Adventure Park isn’t just terrifying rides. In fact, the Adventure park is an award winning amusement park that boasts 18 rides and attractions in addition to affordable and fun activities for the whole family. From the action packed experience of the park’s roller coasters to the more laid back fun of Gold and Gem panning or Mini Golf, there really is something for everyone. If you’ve got really young kids, be sure to check out the Ribbit Ride, one of the park’s newest attractions.

As the sister park to Cultus Lake Waterpark, the Adventure Park offers families and groups of friends the perfect add-on to a long summer day at Cultus.  Spend the warmest part of the day cooling off at the neighbouring Cultus Lake Waterpark, then skip over to the Adventure Park when the weather starts to cool down. In addition to the rides, Cultus Lake Adventure Park offers an awesome selection of food vendors and games.

Photo: Cultus Lake Waterpark

If the Cloud Buster isn’t enough thrills for one day, you’ll find plenty more fun at the Waterpark. For 10 years, Cultus Lake Waterpark has held the title as the largest water park in BC and is also home to Western Canada’s biggest waterslide – the 800-foot-long Colossal Canyon!

As always, admission to Cultus Lake Adventure Park is always free – pay only for the rides, activities and refreshments you enjoy on-site. You can purchase individual ride tokens or an All-Day Unlimited Rides Wristband. The reduced price night rider pass let’s you experience the park’s rides and attractions at a fraction of the cost.

Photo: Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Home to Cultus Lake Waterpark and directly across the street, Cultus Lake Adventure Park, Cultus Lake is the best place to make the most of summer with your friends and family. Best of all, it’s just 1.5 hours away from Vancouver.

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