You can sail on this luxurious cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles for only $309 CAD


L.A. / Los Angeles cruise
Photo: Princess Cruises / Facebook

Princess Cruises has lowered prices again on its Sept.14 Pacific Coastal sailing from Vancouver to Los Angeles on the Royal Princess.

Now, the per person price for a double occupancy is the same as it was for a quadruple occupancy, and the quadruple per person price is extremely low.

Departing from Vancouver on Saturday, Sept. 14, the cruise sails down the Pacific Coast en route to Los Angeles. It spends two days at sea before disembarking in L.A. on Tuesday, September 17.

A few weeks ago, the total cost for a double occupancy interior stateroom was $950.10 CAD including all taxes and fees. That price broke down to a total per person price of $475.05 CAD, which is still an excellent deal. However, that price has dropped to a total of $749 CAD including all taxes and fees, which breaks down to only $374.50 CAD.

A quadruple occupancy stateroom was selling for $1480.20 CAD including all taxes and fees. As such, the total per person cost came to $370.05 CAD. Now, the total cost comes to $1238.56 CAD including taxes and fees, which comes to $309.64 CAD.

Not only does that cost include your transportation on a beautiful 5 star vessel, but it also includes meals, entertainment, snacks, and lodging. The only thing it doesn’t factor in is alcohol, but you may opt to purchase a drink package that can reduce the cost of your spending.

Guests will sail on the breathtaking, five-star Royal Princess which offers a range of exciting amenities including Princess Cruises’ largest top-deck pool that features an evening water and light show, mini-golf, movies under the stars, renowned spa treatments, a disco, nine bars, tennis and much more.

Los Angeles 
Photo: Princess Cruises

Discover Los Angeles

A flight back from L.A. is very inexpensive when booked in advance. In fact, the total cost may be under $150 CAD including tax.

Guests may opt to stay in Los Angeles for a while and enjoy the vibrant nightlife, decadent eateries, trendy shops, and much more. From the Hollywood Hills to beautiful, sandy beaches, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Los Angeles is best enjoyed by car, and therefore it is a good idea to rent one while staying in the city. What’s more, it is important to chose a hotel or alternative accommodation in advance. Many of these places fill up well before travel, and you’ll want to chose an area that is suitable to the type of experience you wish to enjoy.

You may book your cruise here.