The best EXPO 86 sweatshirt ever is only available through V.I.A.


EXPO 86 brought the world to Vancouver in 1986, leaving a lasting impression on our city.

Heck, even Archie and the gang got in on the fun with an issue dedicated to their visit to the World’s Fair that we hosted.

Archie Andrews visited Expo 86. Read the entire comic book for free HERE.

If you look hard enough in the city (beyond Science World which was once known as Expo Centre) you’ll still be able to find relics with the EXPO 86 logo on it.

If you look on ebay you’ll find even more. And you can own those ones.

EXPO 86 bench and collectibles. Photos Sonya H (left) and Bob Kronbauer (right)

The trademarks for EXPO 86 once belonged to the government but have long been officially abandoned, which is how we were able to release it on a t-shirt a few months back.

This is one of many abandoned EXPO 86 trademarks. Screengrab

We’re going a step further, releasing what we think is the best EXPO 86 sweatshirt ever produced!

It’s a 50% cotton, 50% polyester crewneck.

On the front is the EXPO 86 logo on laser-cut acrylic felt, embroidered with a triple bean stitch, in a small shop in East Vancouver.

ORDER NOW! We’re only accepting order until August 7th, and we won’t be keeping any in stock. It’s now or never.

The best EXPO 86 sweatshirt ever. Photo Bob Kronbauer
Detail of the triple bean stitching done in a small shop in East Vancouver. Photo Bob Kronbauer

Also, turn up the volume to enjoy this extra cheesy video we put together.