Vancouver police officer suspended for accessing, disclosing sensitive information


A senior Vancouver police officer has been suspended after accessing, and releasing, sensitive information, including some information that is protected by the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Vancouver Police. Photo by Dan Toulgoet/Vancouver Courier

According to a press release from the B.C. Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC), the unnamed officer “was found to have accessed and disclosed the information for a personal purpose.”

An independent adjudicator, appointed by the OPCC, imposed three five-day suspensions and concluded that “the seriousness of this misconduct by a senior officer, particularly where much of the subject matter is data protected by the YCJA, merits discipline that will serve as a deterrence to other members.”

The adjudicator also recommended that Chief Adam Palmer place a “renewed focus” on training around police databases and the disclosure of information.

The identity of the police officer is being withheld to protect the identity of the young person.

“Police are entrusted with sensitive data about British Columbians and must adhere to strict rules in its use and disclosure,” police complaint commissioner Clayton Peckhold said in a press release. “Where a police officer disregards those rules purposefully, the public must be assured that serious consequences will result and appropriate steps will be taken to prevent recurrence.

“While a senior police officer has been disciplined, I also recommend that all Chief Constables and Police Boards review this decision carefully and ensure their protection of information policies are robust and current.”

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