Subway to test Beyond Meat sub at some locations


Another major fast-food chain is jumping on the Beyond Meat bandwagon, as Subway announced this week that they will be testing out a sub sandwich made with the plant-based protein at select Canadian and U.S. locations soon.

Subway has teamed up with Beyond Meat to concoct a Beyond Meatball™ Marinara sub, which will feature the plant-based meat substitute – the first-ever Beyond Meatball – created just for the sandwich chain.

A classic Meatball sub sandwich from Subway. Subway/Facebook

Everything else about the sub is essentially the same, from sauce to cheese (so it’s not vegan as-is) though there is more protein in the Beyond Meat version, coming in at 24g per six-inch sub.


Subway will have their sandwich artists stacking up the meat-free option at a combined 685 stores across the U.S. and Canada.

We’ve reached out to Subway’s Canadian reps to see if they can narrow down where in B.C. and Metro Vancouver you’ll be able to get your hands on the Beyond Meatball.

The trial phase for the Beyond Meatball sub at Subway starts this September and will run for a limited time only.