This Vancouver puppy yoga class will leave you feeling pawsitive


If you need to spark a little pawsitivity in your life, then this puppy yoga class might just be what you need.

Rover, a pet sitter and dog walker company, and YYOGA have partnered up to offer Vancouverites the adorable yoga event Aug. 21.

A cute moment in the puppy yoga class: Photo Talk Shop

Not only is it super cute and good for your health and well-being, the class also benefits the Second Chance in Life Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to find homes for abandoned animals from Taiwan. The class gives foster pups the opportunity to further socialize.

If you’re not much of a yogi, but love puppies, don’t worry the 45 minute session is beginner friendly, informal and relaxed.

We were invited to try out a class on Wednesday at YYOGA’s Kitsilano studio and it was all smiles and giggles as about seven doggos sniffed around the class looking for treats and pats.

YYOGA instructor Hillary Keegan with a puppy. Photo: Talk Shop

The class is led by YYOGA instructor Hillary Keegan, who leaves you feeling inspired and refreshed. She says the class is all about allowing yourself to be in the moment and truly enjoy the positive energy the dogs create.

“It makes you feel like you want to smile,” she told the class.

“The physiology of a smile – I believe can change the entire world on so many levels.”

She encouraged the group to relax and let the energy of the dogs just roam around you.

“If you feel inclined, reach a hand out or give a little hug or a little kiss – let them give you a kiss,” Keegan says.

“It’s not so much about the form of your pose or how you’re supposed to look, it’s about being here and now.

“That’s what puppy yoga is all about.”

You’re allowed to hand out treats to the dogs as they wander around. Photo: Talk Shop

Kelsi Carleton, from Rover, says the class offers people without pets a great chance to just spend some time with puppies.

“There’s studies that find that only 10 minutes with a puppy can increase your mood and decrease stress,” says Carleton.

The class also offers attendees a chance to get to know the Rover services.

“Who doesn’t love yoga and who doesn’t love puppies – so it’s kind of a win, win,” says Carleton

Downward dog! Photo: Talk Shop


Date: Wednesday, August 21st – 7:30 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

Where: YYoga Kitsilano 1915 West 4th Avenue

Tickets: $20 tickets can be purchased here. Funds go towards the Second Chance in Life Foundation