‘I call bulls**t’: What Vancouverites said about ‘world’s friendliest city’ label


“Friendly my foot! Most beautiful, but unfriendliest,” writes Sanjay Chivakula to V.I.A on Facebook.

This comment pretty much sums up Vancouverites’ response to news that Vancouver was voted the ‘friendliest city in the world.

Vancouverites are being invited to talk about their feelings – in particular, feelings of loneliness and isolation…

The global survey by Big 7 Travel, asked its social audience of 1.5 million people “where you would find the friendliest city in the world?” and apparently voters said Vancouver.

To recap — The city was described as having “extraordinarily friendly residents,” as well as an amazing multicultural community who band together to make visitors feel welcome and safe. The survey also found that locals are quick to help tourists and the “community vibe” makes socializing a breeze.

Hmmm… well, not according to the folks who actually live in the city.

In response to the article on Vancouver Is Awesome’s Facebook page a lot of people were quick to point out why they disagreed with the ‘survey’ or simply just laugh at it.

Here’s what our readers had to say (join the conversation let us know what you think):

“G. M. Hiltz I’m a pretty much born and bred Vancouverite, and no, absolutely not, Vancouver is not at all the friendliest city in the world. Full stop. There’s many cities I’ve been to in Canada and the US that are much friendlier than Vancouver, including Halifax.” – Anthony Lee Matthews

“That’s completely false! Vancouver is a cold, cliquey, unfriendly, expensive place. So many other beautiful cities/towns to live in, in BC! So happy I don’t live in Vancouver anymore!” – Tara Olivia

“Bull crap. Lived all over the world. Definitely not the friendliest city.” – Carol Bignell

“Hahaha. As a public servant who works with the public, I can clearly say this is not true. I say hello to people I pass by and they don’t say a word, nor make any eye contact.” – Maria Jackman

“Vancouver is a snobby city. The only friends I’ve made here in 25 yrs. are either from Europe, S. America or other parts of Canada!” – Ellen Garthofner Ruane

“Ummmm, what? I think they meant most stand-offish, passive-aggressive, and bitchy.” – Travis Bourque

“I know one thing is for sure. It’s a very difficult place to meet a woman, and to find a life partner.” – Brad Williams

“It’s a facade for tourists.” Cdub Wy

“I call bulls**t..Come back East for the friendly folks..I was just in Vancouver and used to live there, so nope…” Sue Silliker

“I’m from Halifax, Vancouver isn’t the friendliest city.” – G. M. Hiltz

“I wouldn’t call it friendly. Lived here 7 years. It’s fun and the people are definitely nice. But friendly? Not at all. It’s definitely a bubble city.” – Ovber Michael

While most disagreed, there were a couple who saw the positive side…

“Well, I am not from Vancouver, I have been to 46 Countries and more than 300 cities worldwide and I agree with this survey! I love Vancouver.” – Carlos Machado Kannan

“I’ve had 7 family members visiting from Scotland and they are all giving positive feedback on the friendliness here.” – Tim Spencer

Vancouverites also took to Twitter to share their views: