Dashcam footage appears to show driver going down Richmond sidewalk (UPDATED)


driver sidewalk vancouver
Photo: Philip Chin / Facebook

UPDATE Aug. 20:

The video discussed in this article has since been taken down, and we’ve learned there’s a reason why the vehicle was being driven on the sidewalk in what appears to be an unsafe manner.

This car was there on purpose, and those pedestrians standing nearby were there to help the car and make sure no one was in the way. That’s because the car was “using what also is a loading entry to the plaza area in front of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site.”In an email to V.I.A. Aug. 20, a rep from the Cannery explains that everything caught on camera was all on the up-and-up.”We often have farmers’ market vendors and other event vehicles drive up there. This car had authorization to load in their equipment for our Friday evening outdoor concert series,” says the Cannery. “Just want to clarify the situation to prevent the driver from suffering any undue negative comments.”


Over the past month, Metro Vancouver has been privy to a number of reckless driving videos.

From terrifying dashcam footage of a driver going in the wrong direction on the Lions Gate Bridge, to a video of a woman driving down the stairs at the Sheraton Wall Centre, there’s been an abundance of cringe-worthy incidents caught on camera.

As such, it isn’t a surprise that another video has surfaced of someone making a bad choice behind the wheel. In this video, however, the driver joins pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Posted to Facebook on Friday, Aug. 16 by Philip Chin, the dashcam video shows a car cutting through a pedestrian area in Richmond’s Steveston Village. There are three people standing where the vehicle drives through and then continues on.

Chin asks, “What makes people think it’s ok to drive on the sidewalk?” below the video. It currently has just under 300 views.

A survey conducted in 2017 found that 70% of British Columbians agreed with the idea of offering a discount to drivers who have a dashcam installed in their vehicle.