Jason Momoa was trapped inside a Vancouver hotel’s elevator for hours (VIDEO)


jason momoa trapped elevator
Photo: SneakerMatt / YouTube

“We’re stuck in an elevator – fire department doesn’t really wanna show up.”

Popular actor Jason Momoa live-streamed a video of himself, his dog and his friends trapped inside of an elevator at L’Hermitage Hotel on Monday night.

Known for his starring role in Aquaman, as well as his epic role as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Momoa has a whopping 13.3 million followers on Instagram, many of whom tuned in to watch his ordeal unfold at the downtown Vancouver luxury boutique hotel.

The video starts with Momoa filming a number of people, as well as his dog, on the elevator’s floor. A man pushes a number of buttons in the elevator and says, “We’re stuck on a [expletive] elevator,” and also shouts, “I’m hungry!”

Following this, the group discusses how they would really enjoy eating some ramen, but that all they have are M&Ms. They also joke about cannibalism, and decide who of them would be eaten first – a coin toss is suggested as one way to choose.

Momoa films himself eating candy, as well as the roof of the elevator, which had been destroyed from an earlier escape attempt.

“I was trying to be like Diehard – but it didn’t work out.”

Momoa’s friend, who refers to himself as “Big Nasty,” also condemns the hotel saying,”[Expletive] the L’Hermitage.”

Vancouver Is Awesome spoke to Assistant Fire Chief David Boone who explained that a four person engine crew responded to the call on Monday night. He noted that an elevator company was already working on getting the elevator open when they arrived, and that it can be risky to try and force the doors open if no one is in medical distress because the elevator may start to move.

Boone added that five people and one dog were rescued out of the elevator on a ladder through the elevator’s roof. They left through the elevator door on the fifth floor of the building.

V.I.A. reached out to L’Hermitage Hotel who said that they won’t be providing a comment on the situation.