This affordable delivery service will bring locally grown flowers straight to your doorstep in Vancouver



There’s nothing like bringing home a fresh bouquet of flowers, except for a fresh bouquet being brought right to you…

Photo: Bear’s Blooms

No more waiting for a special occasion, it’s time to make fresh flowers a part of daily life! After all, shouldn’t every day feel special?

Bear’s Blooms is a new flower delivery service in Vancouver that specializes in farm fresh flowers at an affordable price. Their flowers are seasonal, local and absolutely GORGEOUS. Best of all, their unique business model cuts down and minimizes the waste often associated with florists and traditional flower delivery services.

Here’s how it works.

The local company operates on a “subscription service with a twist” model, which enables customers to purchase fresh flowers weekly, for just $30 per delivery. Customers can set their own delivery schedule (via their web app) for up to 5 weeks, but are never locked in or obligated to a long term subscription or minimum order. If you just need flowers for a one-off special occasion, that’s no problem. You can also add multiple addresses to your account so you can send boxes to friends, family and clients too.

Photo: Bear’s Blooms

With this model, Bear’s Blooms’ founders are able to work directly with B.C. farmers and order only what they need, ensuring there’s as little waste as possible throughout the delivery process. In fact, 95% of Bear’s Blooms flowers come from local B.C. farmers, even in the winter!

You might not think of the flower industry as being wasteful, but traditional florists throw away up to 40% of their plants, often because their flowers sit for weeks in warehouses and distribution centres. That’s not the case with Bear’s Blooms; their flowers literally go straight from the farm to your doorstep, helping them stay fresh longer. Also, their delivery boxes can be recycled or returned and reused by Bear’s Blooms, further cutting down on the wasteful plastic and cellophane often associated with flower delivery services.

Photo: Bear’s Blooms

We read that flowers are supposed to decrease stress, so we thought we’d try the service for ourselves. Bear’s Blooms dropped a bouquet off at our office, the flowers arrived fresh, dewy and fragrant as can be.  We didn’t even need to be there to meet the delivery person, we told them where to leave the flowers, and that’s exactly where we found them. While the jury is out on how much stress the flowers saved us, it did feel awesome to have a beautiful piece of the outdoors inside with us (and they certainly helped to have around while writing this story).

If you want more fresh flowers in your life, Bear’s Blooms if offering V.I.A. readers a free order! Sign-up using coupon code “AWESOME” to receive your first box for free (value of $30).

To learn more, or order your free flowers, visit