Dreary days ahead: Vancouver forecast calls for 7 days of rain this week


Vancouver Weather
people walking with umbrellas in a rainy city / Shutterstock

The Metro Vancouver weather forecast calls for a decidedly wet week ahead after temperatures hit record lows last week.

Last week, Vancouver temperatures dipped below zero degrees – something that very rarely happens in the first two weeks of October. In fact, Oct. 10 dipped to a chilly -0.7°C, which made it the coldest Oct. 10 on record since the records began in 1897.

Now, Environment Canada calls for a significantly warmer week, as cloudy skies will keep nighttime temperatures milder.

Starting on Tuesday, Oct. 15, the forecast calls for a few showers and a high of 13°C with a low of 10°C overnight. Following this, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday call for rain and daily highs between 13°C and 11°C and daily lows between 10°C and 8°C.

Following this, the weekend calls for a 60 per cent chance of showers on Saturday and Sunday. However, Sunday night is expected to see rainfall that carries into Monday.

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast 

vancouver weather
Photo: Environment Canada

If you felt like fall came unseasonably early in the Lower Mainland, you aren’t alone.

Not only have there been many dreary, rainy days, but there have also been a number of downpours. Vancouverites witnessed an intense downpour around 4 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 9 that caused flash flooding in parts of the city. As a matter of fact, Vancouver received over twice the average rainfall for September.