These ridiculously cute patches are inspired by your favourite B.C. parks and outdoor activities



The BC Parks Foundation has launched a new merchandise line inspired by your favourite provincial parks and outdoor destinations.

Photo: BC Parks Foundation

We have a special relationship with our parks in Vancouver.

Each teeming with their own distinct natural beauty, B.C. parks give us the space to slow down, reflect and reconnect with the environment that makes living in B.C. so very awesome.

To celebrate this special bond, BC Parks Foundation has released a set of patches, each inspired by some of the province’s most beloved outdoor destination activities.

Not only do the patches aim to pay respect to their respective parks, they literally help support them. With every patch purchased, you’ll be contributing to your favourite magical green spaces. In fact, 100% of profits will directly support the B.C. park system courtesy of the BC Parks Foundation.

Photo: BC Parks Foundation

BC Parks Foundation is the official charitable partner of the province’s parks and are responsible for leading the expedition to create one of the best parks systems in the world.

We’d have to say, they’re doing a pretty amazing job. These patches are a super cute, retro-looking reminder of how incredible B.C.’s parks truly are. The current collection includes a patch for Cypress, E.C. Manning, Mount Robson and Goldstream Park, in addition to individual patches for canoeing, surfing, SUP and camping.

Photo: BC Parks Foundation

You can start collecting your favourite parks by visiting the BC Parks Foundation online shop. Looking for another park? BC Parks Foundation will be adding new parks and activities to expand your collection.

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