There’s a B.C. TV show pilot starring John Candy that nobody ever saw


This episode of BC Was Awesome contains the first interview I ever conducted for our show. It’s from the season we released in 2016.

In it I travel to Campbell River to find one of the only remaining VHS copies of a 1980s TV show pilot that’s legendary there.

I had read about “Break Away Outdoors” in the autobiography of Canadian broadcaster Terry David Mulligan.

The concept was to combine a fishing show and an interview show.

Talking about the opportunity to have the comedian as the guest on the pilot, Mulligan told me that “John Candy, in a boat, on the water, was maybe the best interview I was going to get with him… because what he did best was play a fish out of water.”

He wasn’t able to dig up a copy of it for me to watch, but after some persistence I tracked down a copy in Campbell River, at the resort where the pilot was filmed. So we went to Dolphins Resort and did a viewing in their lodge.

The 1980s show itself was admittedly pretty… well… not great. However as you’ll see in this episode I was thrilled to watch it because of the talk that has surrounded it for decades.

Candy is hilarious as expected, but it jumps from one scene to the next in a bizarre fashion, and you leave it knowing why the pilot didn’t get picked up.

While it wasn’t the greatest show of all time one thing is certain: the lore that has grown around it is like no other show ever produced in this province.

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John Candy on a fishing boat, for the pilot of Break Away Outdoors. Screengrab