Discover a maze of pure terror at this insane Metro Vancouver haunted house


potter's house of horrors
Photo: Potter’s House of Horrors

One of the Lower Mainland’s most truly terrifying ‘scare-fests’ is offering an early preview of its epic haunted houses this September.

Located in Surrey, Potter’s House of Horrors offers two themed haunted houses that they claim will scare the living daylights out of you. What’s more, a live-action ‘scare-crew’ have spent months planning a maze of terror as they, “try to make you scream, whimper, cry, holler, yodel, laugh, gargle, giggle and guffaw.”

Complete with all the latest animatronics, digital sounds, and high-tech scares, the houses immerse guests in a realm of total horror.

Now in its 17th year of spooking, the Halloween attraction offers an all-new haunted house for its guests. Called “The Death Valley Motor Inn,” shadowy figures will roam the halls of the dusty old desert-style motel in search their next unsuspecting victim. The other ‘terror-lair’ is the “Devil’s Descent Haunted House,” which takes frightened guests into a vortex of rotted wood, rickety mineshafts, punishing industrial machines, monsters and zombies.

There will also be a kids-only attraction with two mini-haunted houses that won’t be as dark or scary. “Mystic Village,” the first of the two kids haunted houses, takes little ones into a ghost town before they venture into the second haunted house, “Spooky Castle.” Braver kids may want to check out Family Hour at Potter’s House of Horrors, which is recommended for children ages 12 and up.

Potter’s House of Horrors will also have a ‘spooktacular’ haunted photo booth for taking ghoulish snaps with pals, as well as the Creep’s concession with neon cotton candy, theatre-style popcorn, “haunted” hot dogs, and more.

Guests may also enjoy “The Last Ride” – a ride that mimics the experience of being in a coffin and whisked away to a graveyard. In addition, the Xtreme Paintball Haunted Shootout allows guests to shoot 50 rounds at haunted props and spooky animatronics.

Partial proceeds go to Critter Care Wildlife Society. Potter’s House of Horrors is also proud to support the Surrey Food Bank and will be accepting non-perishable food donations onsite.

Potter’s will be open Oct 4. through Nov. 2.

Potter’s House of Horrors

When: Oct. 4 – Nov. 2, 2019
Where: 12530 – 72nd Avenue, Surrey
Cost: $11.50-27.50 Buy tickets here.