The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden doesn’t want our donation, so we’re going to adopt some otters


When we launched our $25 Chinatown Otter t-shirt, we figured as a goodwill gesture we’d donate partial proceeds to the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. – $1 per t-shirt, which is the same as the royalty fee we pay to artists whose work we use on our shirts.

The otter is posted up in their garden and it is, of course, their fish that the creature has been feasting on.

The non-profit organization that runs the garden actively solicits donations, so we figured by donating cash to them they could use it however they please (one of their expenses is buying koi, and koi food).

Our Chinatown Otter t-shirt is available exclusively through our online store

However it has now come to our attention that the last time cash was donated to help the koi effort (back in 2018 when the otter first ate some koi), the garden declined to accept it.

They donated the money instead to the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, stating that they were “proud to support their work in improving the welfare of urban wildlife”.

They won’t be accepting donations related to the otter this time around either. That’s fair, and that’s fine, but where will this money we’re raising from t-shirt purchases go?

We’ve decided to adopt as many river otters as we can with it.

Symbolically adopt them, that is. Through the World Wildlife Fund Canada.

For $45 we’ll receive this certificate, a plushy, and the knowledge that the money is going towards a great cause that helps wildlife.

WWF’s otter adoption certificate. Photo World Wildlife Fund Canada

If you’d like to donate directly to WWF Canada and not buy a t-shirt from us, you can find their otter adoption program HERE.