Here’s what it’s really like to join a singles social club in Vancouver



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Hands up if you can relate to this:

You’re single and you want to put yourself out there, but you’re also a little skeptical of dating apps and matchmaking websites.

You’re not alone.

That’s why singles in Vancouver are increasingly turning to social clubs, a low pressure alternative that lets you focus on meeting interesting, like minded people first and going on dates second. Social clubs like Events & Adventures favour this method by hosting unique events throughout Vancouver every month.

Events range from comedy nights and volunteering to memorable experiences like cave explorations and even skydiving! This lets you focus on making friends rather than sending messages through an app.

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To see what social clubs are really like, we spoke to Stephane F., whos started using Events & Adventures to expand his social circle in Vancouver.

VIA: Describe the dating scene in Vancouver and what it was like for you before you came to Events & Adventures.

Stephane F: I find that the dating scene in Vancouver is easy if you are looking for a non-committal relationship, but very difficult if you are looking for a long term relationship.

VIA: Have you ever tried online dating and how does it compare to social clubs like Events & Adventures?

SF: I have looked into online dating site but found them impersonal. I know people who were successful at finding a soulmate there, but I’m a face-to-face person. By meeting other people over a shared common interest (hikes, dances, tours and many other types of events or even trips) I knew that we would at the very least, have that one thing in common, which made meeting strangers more comfortable.

VIA: How do you juggle work life with meeting new people?

SF: Being self-employed, my schedule is a little all over the place. By having a monthly calendar full of different events to choose from, it made it easy to plan “social time”. I can choose the events or trips that are on the next month’s calendar and plan my work schedule around them.

VIA: In what way has events & Adventures added to your life?

SF: Events & Adventures has helped me develop a social life and build an amazing circle of friends that I didn’t think I would have the time or energy to do, due to being somewhat of a workaholic, and simply not knowing how or where to start. Most importantly, I’ve met the most amazing woman in the world! I believe in this system, I went all out and got more than what I expected.

While not every experience may result in love, you can be sure that you will have an amazing time and form lasting friendships. Events and Adventures offers over 30 events a month where you can get out and try something different! If you’re ready to meet new people, visit