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VIDEO: 'You have to kiss my feet now', assault captured near Chilliwack school grounds

The video shows a man getting kicked in the face after being ordered to kiss the foot of one of his tormentors
Chilliwack assault
A YouTube video uploaded Friday, Jan. 22 shows a group of men ganging up on another man.

A YouTube video titled “Just One More Assault On School Grounds In Chilliwack BC” captures a man, outnumbered three to one, getting kicked in the face.

Rob Iezzi is a Chilliwack resident who regularly films and posts crimes that have happened outside his house on Reece Avenue in Chilliwack. The videos he posts to his channel have made headlines before, capturing anything from teenagers being groped by a passing cyclist, collisions at the nearby intersection and now an assault of a young man.

The video starts by showing three men talking in a parking lot, one is wearing a red backpack, another is holding a blue bag and the other is wearing a light coloured shirt. Another camera angle then shows a 2008 Chevrolet Equinox pull up on the side of the road across from the group. Two men exit the vehicle, the first man entirely clad in black jumps out and quickly makes his way toward the group across the street. Then the driver of the car exits carrying with him a small dog.

As the man in black approaches the group, red backpack man makes himself scarce while the one wearing the light coloured shirt backs away from the three men bearing down on him and holds his hands up. 

“You have to kiss my feet right now,” one of them says, a command the man backing away agrees to and gets down on one knee. The man carrying the blue bag then appears to take out his phone and point it at the person now kneeling in front of him. 

As the man on the ground goes to kiss the foot he is kicked in the face by it. Just as the kick is delivered another man comes around the corner of a nearby building and the group of three start to leave.

The video then shows the three men getting into the car and making their getaway. 

The video was taken just a few steps away from Chilliwack Senior Secondary with some shots showing the school in the background. 

The Chilliwack RCMP have been made aware of the video and are investigating the matter but no further comment was provided.