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BCCDC flags 5 more domestic flights for possible COVID-19 exposure

Passengers who travelled aboard these Metro Vancouver flights are encouraged to self-monitor for symptoms
masks plane flying during coronavirus pandemic
Wearing a face mask remains a requirement when travelling by plane during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Getty Images

The Canadian government's new travel measures aimed at preventing an influx of new coronavirus variants from abroad are set to begin next week, but impeding travel within the country's borders has proved slightly more difficult. 

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) on Saturday added five more domestic flights to its list of possible COVID-19 exposures. Passengers who travelled aboard the following flights identified for carrying one or more confirmed cases of the virus are encouraged to self-monitor for symptoms for the 14-day period following their flight. 

  • Thursday, Feb. 11: WestJet 706, Vancouver to Toronto (Affected rows 32-26)
  • Friday, Feb. 12: Flair 8822, Vancouver to Calgary (Affected rows 11-17)
  • Saturday, Feb. 13: WestJet 115, Calgary to Vancouver (Affected rows 1-7)
  • Monday, Feb. 15: Flair 8821, Calgary to Vancouver (Affected rows 2-5 and 26-32)
  • Monday, Feb. 15: WestJet 3450, Abbotsford to Calgary (Affected rows 4-10)

These flights come following two more domestic flights flagged for COVID-19 exposure that the BCCDC announced two days earlier: 

  • Friday, Feb. 12, Air Canada Flight 114, Vancouver to Toronto (Affected rows 33-39)
  • Friday, Feb. 12, Air Canada/Jazz Flight 8050, Victoria to Vancouver (Affected rows 6-12)

The public health agency continues to update its list of COVID-19 public exposures with information as it becomes aware aware of flights with an origin or destination in B.C. that travelled with a case of COVID-19 on board. Anyone who has travelled to or from other parts of Canada recently is encouraged to keep an eye on the list.