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More domestic flights flagged for possible COVID-19 exposure

Passengers who travelled aboard these flights are encouraged to self-monitor for symptoms for the two-week period following their trip
airport COVID mask flight
A traveller wears a face mask while waiting for flight at an airport during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Getty Images

Passengers aboard more Vancouver flights that took to the skies this February are being warned to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. 

Possible exposure events to the coronavirus have continued aboard planes flying in and out of British Columbia in recent weeks, despite restrictions on travel and constant requests to avoid any non-essential trips out of the province. 

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) on Saturday identified three more recent flights on which passengers may have been exposed to the virus"

  • Feb 24: Air Canada 103, Toronto to Vancouver (Affected rows 12-14)
  • Feb 21: Air Canada 114, Vancouver to Toronto (Affected rows 30-35)
  • Feb 21: Air Canada/Jazz 8413, Kelowna to Vancouver (Affected rows 7-13)

Just two days ago, Vancouver Is Awesome shared a list of 14 February flights that were also posted to the BCCDC's running list of COVID-19 public exposure sites.

The Canadian government recently implemented a host of new travel measures aimed at preventing an influx of new coronavirus variants from abroad, but impeding travel within the country's borders has proved slightly more difficult. 

Passengers who travelled aboard the aforementioned flights flagged for carrying one or more confirmed cases of the virus are encouraged to self-monitor for symptoms for the 14-day period following their trip. 


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