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Best of the City 2015: The results are in!

It’s no secret that Vancouver is best place to live in the world.
Best of the City 2015

It’s no secret that Vancouver is best place to live in the world. Heck, we know it, that’s why we live here! Vancouver has a lot going for it: there’s the majestic mountains, the ocean, the beaches, the parks, and the untamed wilderness at our doorstep.

But what makes Vancouver a truly great city is more than good looks and fortuitous geography. It’s the people who make this multicultural metropolis what it is today. It’s our friends, our families, our neighbours that make Vancouver the best place on Earth.

So for the 18th year in a row, Westender has asked you, the people of Vancouver, our readers, to tell us what makes this city so special. This year a record number of people took part in the online poll, proving once again that Vancouverites love their city, and they’re not afraid to say so.

Robert Mangelsdorf,




City-wide results

West End results

Downtown results

East Side results

West Side results

Winner profiles

Best Local Musician: Dan Mangan

Best Microbrewery: Parallel 49

Best Local Comedian: Ed Hill

Best Cheese Shop: La Grotta Del Formaggio

Best Toy Store: Granville Island Toy Co. & Kaboodles Toy Store

Best Lash Bar: Noir Lash Lounge

Best Tattoo/Piercing Studio: Gastown Tattoo Parlour

Best Sex/Erotic Shop: Womyn's Ware

Best Nightclub; Best Gay Bar: Celebrities

Best West End Fitness Facility: Denman Fitness

Best West End Fine Dining: Boulevard

Best West End Brunch: Forage

Best Bartender; Best Downtown Bar: Lauren Mote at Uva

Best Downtown Coffee Shop: Revolver Coffee

Best Downtown Home Décor: Parliament Interiors

Best East Side Hidden Gem: Jackalope's Neighbourhood Dive

Best Game Store: Drexoll Games

Best West Side Breakfast: Sophie's Cosmic Café


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