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Miranda July's Future looks bright

THE FUTURE Playing at Vancity Theatre Oct. 28 to 30, Nov. 4 to 6 That a talking cat narrates Miranda July's latest film The Future shouldn't come as a surprise to fans of the eclectic performance artist, actress, writer and director.

There is power in Re:Union

Thought-provoking play asks tough questions about God and sacrifice
In the House haunted by scary fairies

In the House haunted by scary fairies

Halloween event stirs up cauldron of fi lm, puppetry, theatre, comedy, opera, hula hooping and belly dance

Opera meets Broadway in West Side Story

Impressive production delivers triple threat of acting, singing, dancing

U.S. Drag lives up to its name

Despite strong performances, satirical script is no fun

Successful Paranormal Activity franchise continues its terrifying ways

Paranormal Activity 3 stands all on its own in the pre-Halloween horror lineup, other studios apparently having decided that they might as well wave the white sheet now rather than compete with the wildly successful phenomenon.

Southern comfort on tap in Steel Magnolias

Steely southern belles demonstrate power of friendship

Poets, bacteria converge on conference

If the idea of a four-day poetry conference conjures images of men who sport berets pontificating alongside grim women, you might be surprised to learn the Vancouver 125 Poetry Conference, Oct.

New on DVD

- The Tree of Life It's been a long time since reviews were as polarized as those for The Tree of Life, the newest film from director Terrence Malick. The film was booed at an early Cannes screening, and then went on to win the coveted Palme D'Or.

Tosca Cafe serves up feast for the senses

Despite weak narrative, leggy 'dansical' is a thing of beauty