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12 lessons on life we can learn from Taylor Swift

....Ready for it?
Taylor Swift

It’s virtually impossible to scroll through your newsfeed without seeing news about Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation” set to release on November 10th and the swirling controversy that surrounds it. Undoubtedly one of today’s most successful artists, Swift’s focus on connecting with listeners by giving them a front row seat to the diary of her life is just what millennials can’t get enough of. 

Full disclosure, I am a Taylor Swift fan. A late adopter to Swift, the release of her 1989 album quickly climbed to the top of my play list and as the saying goes, the rest was history. One of the most surprising aspect of being a supporter of Swift is being on the the other end of people’s rather strong feelings about her ranging from mutual support to pure disgust. With so much noise out there, it’s difficult to focus on what Swift is really doing: an artist sharing her experience. Perhaps one of the most significant result of Swift’s career is a lesson on self reflection for all of us that challenges our own perception of how accepting, tolerant and empathic we really are. 

Taylor Swift

Despite controversy, Swift has more than a few good lessons we all take with us. Stay with me on this. 


  1. Our reality is shaped by what we choose to see:  We are quick to focus on failures before accomplishments. This affects how we perceive people and serves as an obstacle for positive emotions. 

  2. You can reinvent yourself: Ultimately, who you choose to become today will determine your future.

  3. Friendship is key: After all, Taylor did give rise to the term “squad”. Friends who will support you in life will get you through the darkest times. 

  4. Staying grounded is the secret to getting a grip on reality: In a world where social media is so prevalent in our everyday lives, our true sense of reality is constantly being challenged. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Swift shared that she still invites fans into her home to preview her album months before it’s released because it’s her way to escape the abnormality of her life through connection with people (in real life).

  5. Heartbreak can make you stronger: Everyone of us has probably sworn off love after a significant heartbreak but we all eventually move on. We take the lessons we learn to find what we really need in a relationship.

  6. Not every love story ends as a fairytale even though we all think it does in the beginning: Getting to know your partner spans the entirety of your relationship because growth is part of life. Without it, passion within a relationship suffers. Growth sometimes means growing out that particular relationship. 

  7. There’s an aspect of insanity in relationships: Whether it’s the beginning phase of a relationship where you see things through rose coloured glasses or a fight where you loose grip on your emotions, some form of insanity exists in every relationship. 

  8. Always appreciate the good moments: Soak it in. You’ll know when it comes around because it’s those moments in time when everything feels exciting. 

  9. One things that connects us all is heartbreak: Everyone has gone through it. Everyone.

  10. The best people in life are free: Because you can’t buy authenticity. 

  11. Rise to a challenge: In a digital era, artists believe that they no longer will be able to sell albums. Taylor Swift earned $170 million in 2016. 

  12. When all else fails, simply shake it off


Amy Yew is a contributing columnist at Vancouver Courier and a fashion and style writer. She is also the author of a blog Style du Jour and a relationship therapist. Tell us what you think and submit any questions you have to  Instagram: @Amy_Yew