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RANT / RAVE (June 30)

Share the roads In the June 16 issue, Eve called for all bikes to be banned from Vancouvers inner city. To be sure, her observations about reckless cyclists hit the mark and some of her suggestions might have merit (licensing/ID, insurance).

Share the roads
In the June 16 issue, Eve called for all bikes to be banned from Vancouvers inner city. To be sure, her observations about reckless cyclists hit the mark and some of her suggestions might have merit (licensing/ID, insurance). I too have seen many reckless cyclists but Ive also seen just as many reckless pedestrians (complete disregard for Dont Walk signals) and drivers (running yellow and red lights). While I sympathize with her very unfortunate incident which led to a broken ankle, a total ban of bicycles seems very shortsighted and fails to recognize the rights of the many who ride responsibly and carefully. Vancouver has lacked and needs to develop a culture in which everyone on the road recognizes the place of others.


Skunk encounters
To the person demanding skunks should be exterminated from the West End: Skunks are beautiful, indigenous, shy creatures, who bother no one. The only way your dogs would come in contact with them is if they were off-leash, and bothered them.

Dogs regularly harass skunks, squirrels, birds, and any other wild animals they encounter and they usually do so with the approval of their owners. Just keep your mutt leashed as it is supposed to be and it will not have skunk encounters.


Bad biking behaviour
I ride a bike exclusively. I am mid-50s, move carefully, slowly, and respectfully toward all pedestrians, pets, cars, buses. I give buses the right of way etc. I agree with most of the rants against bikes. Nowhere else do I see the type of behaviour that exists in Vancouver especially with bikes. Absolutely no respect for other people in this city. And no enforcement. Cyclists going west on Union at Main ride through the red light all day long, even with the cops sitting there. Everybody is lame. Obviously there needs to be enforcement, huge penalties and all those other things that are needed when people act worse than a three-year old. Grow up you lazy creeps!


Asphalt eyesore
Ever notice everywhere you walk in the city sidewalks are dug up and patch-filled with ugly asphalt. Beautiful new sidewalks are poured then sometimes within six months the city crews are digging them up to put in hydro or sewer lines and covering the holes with ugly asphalt and left in that state for, in some cases, years! Why cant they put it back the way it was instead of doing it on the cheap and just leaving a sunken ugly asphalt mess?


Riot rant and rave
This is a rant and a rave. Id like to rant about all those idiots who embarrassed Vancouver and all Canadians by rioting after the final game. What exactly are you accomplishing you drunken morons? I was heartbroken about the game too but I sure didnt feel like setting a police car on fire. Just because youre wearing a jersey doesnt make you a fan. No real Canucks fan would act that way. Shame! The true sportsmanship of Canucks fans was shown in the arena by giving the Bruins a great congratulatory round of applause. This is also a rave for the police. I think damage and especially injuries would have been a lot higher if not for the brave behaviour of the police. If they had just charged into the crowd Im sure some people would have been trampled to death. When it came to the hooligans, they showed a level of restraint I certainly wouldnt have had. Those idiots deserved a giant old-fashioned billy club beatdown!


Cheered up
Id just like to give a shout-out to the gentleman in the wheelchair outside the liquor store at Cambie and 18th. You asked me if you could give me a ride anywhere. I know you probably say this to every female who passes by, but you sir, you made my day. Thank you.


West End invasion
Well needless to say, we are all disgusted with the riots of June 15. These idiots cannot be from the downtown area, as this is not how Vancouverites behave. Where are the parents of these little punks? You must be so proud of your little Johnny. What great parenting skills you have not! My personal opinion is that the fireworks at English Bay should be cancelled permanently. The fireworks will attract the same element of punks, who are hell bent on causing trouble, as we have seen all too often in the years past. Yes I know that they say that the fireworks generate extra revenue for the city. Thats BS. If you add up the costs of the extra policing, the garbage removal and the extensive vandalism, what do you have left? A battered neighbourhood is the net result. Are you not sick and tired of having your neighbourhood invaded, littered and vandalized on an annual basis? This is your home where is your pride? Why doesnt another city in the suburbs host the fireworks? Let their residents experience the trashing of their neighbourhood, and see how much they like it. And whats up with most of the younger crowd walking around the West End until all hours of the morning, screaming their faces off? Get a grip you little punks and stay out of our neighbourhood.

Pissed Off West End Resident

Sidewalk standoff

I live off Main Street, which has a cycling lane on it. Why then do all you ass holes with no helmets decide to ride on the sidewalk when there is a cycling lane 10 feet from you? Sidewalks are for pedestrians, not idiots on bikes.


Lighten up

This is a little clarification to the guy who rode through our block party on Sunday and snidely commented about the cop eating a burger on his shift. I was right there when the little girl brought him the burger. She was beaming from ear to ear she was so proud. You could tell it was the last thing he wanted, but he couldnt say no to her, so he went to put some ketchup on it (it was a plain, dry burger) and then choked it back. Now Im wary of authority myself, so dont think Im biased towards the men and women in blue. But you should have seen the great time these little kids were having a great time getting rides on the police motorbikes and beach patrol ATVs. Theres two sides to every story, so why dont we all just lighten up a little bit.