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Sellers using COVID-19 fears to resell toilet paper and hand sanitizer on Craiglist Vancouver

Or, why the human race is headed straight to hell
Toilet paper
One seller saw the humour in the recent panic around the Coronavirus, which is leading some people to begin hoarding staples, such as toilet paper. Photo Craigslist screen grab

It started last week when I saw a Facebook post claiming Walmart had upped its prices on hand sanitizer due to the COVID-19 virus, so of course I had to go online and see for myself.

Hand sanitizer
Last week Walmart Canada was selling two-litre bottles of hand sanitizer for $268.27. Photo Walmart screen grab

And there it was, right on the Walmart Canada website, a three-pack of small Purell “seasonal advanced” hand sanitizer for the low, low price of $44.98.

And, right beside it on the page, a two-litre bottle of Purell “instant” hand sanitizer for $268. 27.

Organic hand sanitizer $108

had sanitizer
You'll pay a bit more for the organic pomegranate hand sanitizer at Walmart. Photo Walmart screen grab

Which lead me to take a few moments to peruse Craigslist, famous for attracting only the highest forms of humanity (so not true). And, Craigslist Vancouver sellers did not disappoint.

The amount of hand sanitizer for sale on Craigslist points to the very fact there is no shortage, but I can only assume these sellers are hoping the fear of catching what’s also known as the Coronavirus will drive people to pay exorbitant prices for what’s normally available from between 99-cents and $10.

All I can say is, if these are the examples of humanity we're seeing in response to the Coronoavirus, heaven forbid the zombie apocolypse ever hits.

Kirkland toilet paper $80

hand sanitizer
$80 for a pack of toilet paper from Costoco. Photo Craigslist screen grab

During the past week photos and social media posts of empty shelves and panicked buying of toilet paper at stores such as Costco made the news and contributed to the hoarding mentality, but there’s very little for sale on Craigslist. I did notice one seller was taking a comedic jab at the situation by attempting to sell a single roll of "hard to find" toilet paper for $100.

These are just a few examples of the posts I found on Craigslist Vancouver this week.

"Like new" hand sanitizer, just needs a new clutch

Had sanitizer
A tongue-in-cheek seller posted this "like new" bottle of hand sanitizer on Craigslist. Photo Craigslist Vancouver
$3 toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
OK, not exactly gouging, just an odd thing to sell on Craigslist. Craigslist sreen grab
Virus Fighting Kit $200
hand sanitizer
A "Virus Fighting Kit" for $200 for sale on Craigslist. Photo Craigslist screen grab
Home Wellness Collection $60
Hand sanitizer
A home sanitizer kit for $60. Photo Craigslist screen grab
Purell hand sanitizer -- and a warning
Hand sanitizer
My hand sanitizer is better than your hand sanitizer. Photo Craigslist screen grab


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