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Letter of the Week

To the editor: Re: "Cycling coalition will follow green grant rules," Letters, June 29. Will the cycling set ever be satisfied? Well, no.

Stanley Cup riot product of dismantled society

To the editor: Re: "Vancouver city councillors weigh in on riot," July 1. Amidst the to-ing and fro-ing and the gnashing of teeth about the Stanley Cup riot, one central fact appears to be slipping away.

Riot relates to congressman's groin

Bloggers and pundits present evolutionary psychology

Mayor doesn't deserve councillor's 'insane' attacks

To the editor: Re: "Anton puts 'goofy' spin on Stanley Cup riot," June 29. Had Suzanne Anton been the mayor during the Stanley Cup riot, she would be in the same damn place she accuses [Mayor] Gregor (Robertson) of being.

Automobiles kill, drain and pollute

Books and film glorify gas-guzzling

Courier health column 'pompous, esoteric, patronizing'

To the editor: Just a quick note to say that I really enjoy receiving the Courier and appreciate its local flavour and excellent reporting. What I do not enjoy, indeed have come to loathe, is Davidicus Wong's "Health" column.

RANT/RAVE (July 7)

Look both ways I just heard a comment from our police force telling people to pay attention while crossing streets and watch for oncoming cars, bikes and so on.

Cash or grass... nobody plays for free

When I returned from two weeks vacation in May I had a message waiting for me on my office phone that said, Welcome back, we missed you and could you please find out why the grass at Jericho Park isnt being cut.

Hidden camera captures Vancouver riot talk in mayor's office

Fire Chu, says Robertson's chief of staff

RANT / RAVE (June 30)

Share the roads In the June 16 issue, Eve called for all bikes to be banned from Vancouvers inner city. To be sure, her observations about reckless cyclists hit the mark and some of her suggestions might have merit (licensing/ID, insurance).