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Pumpkin spice up your life

Where to find the fall-iest of fall offerings, from cereal to bathroom spray, in Canada right now.
Natalia Lavrenkova Getty Images
All pumpkin spice everything.

Hard to believe that pumpkins used to get one dish a year to shine. Now, its flavour is as essential to October as cozy sweaters, boxes of Halloween candies that are "for the kids" and fall foliage Instagram shots. Don't fight it.


Pumpkin spice mix.

Splendor Garden's Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice is great for a classic pie and can also be sprinkled as a topping on oatmeal, toast, pancakes, muffins, protein shakes and lattes for that warm fall flavour.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants a dash of pumpkin spice on everything.

Why we're endorsing it: Canadian company, quality, price.

Where it could use improvements: As it is a spice mix, there are different ratios for different brands.

Size/weight/dimensions: 35g.


Cheerios pumpkin spice.

Mini-Wheats, Cheerios, Special K and Pop-Tarts all make pumpkin spice products that are exceedingly difficult to find online and are massively marked up on Amazon (like this $37 box of Frosted Mini-Wheats). Here's what we were able to source for breakfast. Find Cheerios through Superstore and Save-on-Foods (available for delivery to select postal codes).

Pumpkin coconut chips.

Pumpkin maple pie coconut chips can be eaten alone, sprinkled onto yogurt, or mixed with granola. 

Pumpkin pancake mix.

This pumpkin pancake and waffle mix is an instant fall brunch without spending extra time in the kitchen. 

Peanut butter pumpkin spice.

There's a couple of ways to top off breakfast dishes, like Nuts' N More Protein Pumpkin Spice Spread which blends peanut butter with whey protein, flax and Omega 2s (it's gluten-free and non-GMO, too).

Honey pumpkin spread.

Nutro Gusto is a Canadian line of natural spreads, syrups, snacks and nut butters, like the Honey Spread with Pumpkin Spice that can be added to beverages or baking or spread straight onto toast, waffles and pancakes.

Pumpkin bread.

Set out a fresh loaf for brunch guests that are homemade (with some help) from Duinkerk Bread and Muffin Pumpkin Spice Mix. It is made in Canada, gluten-free, egg-free and soy-free.

Hardbite pumpkin chips.

If Hardbite's Pumpkin To Talk About sweet potato chips are on the must-try list, there are limited delivery options through Legend's Haul or check your local grocery store. 

Werthers pumpkin spice.

Werther's, beloved by nanas everywhere, get a fall twist with these pumpkin spice soft caramels. Set out a bowl to impress guests that are 25 and 75.


Torani pumpkin spice.

Torani Pumpkin Pie Flavour Syrup is what you pump into a cup to make the drink, but what really takes coffee shop lattes to the next level is the sauce that is added on top of the whipped cream. (Torani Puremade Pumpkin Pie sauce is a sweet garnish for lattes and can be used for any dessert for instant flavour.)

Who it's ideal for: An at-home barista/pumpkin spice latte lover.

Why we're endorsing it: Brand reputation, flavour, professional quality.

Where it could use improvements: Some users said it leaked in transport.

Size/weight/dimensions: 750mL.

Blume pumpkin spice

You may have already spotted Blume's superfood and super colourful latte mixes on Instagram. The Vancouver-based company has a season Pumpkin Spice Blend which can be made with milk, a milk alternative (like oat or cashew) or even hot water.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants to make wellness drinks at home. 

Why we're endorsing it: Canadian company, availability, price, versatility.

Where it could use improvements: This is a caffeine-free drink.

Size/weight/dimensions: 30 servings/pack.

(For another alternative to coffee and sugary drinks, Organika Mylk Latte is made with coconut milk, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg and maca.)

Davids pumpkin tea.

For those who want the pumpkin spice flavour without coffee or froth, David's Tea has a Pumpkin Everything Kit with Pumpkin Pie Matcha, Pumpkin Chai, Pumpkin Crème Brulée, Monster Mash and Pumpkin Earl Grey.

Who it's ideal for: Tea drinkers and pumpkin fanatics.

Why we're endorsing it: Variety, brand trust, makes a great gift.

Where it could use improvements: Kit is pre-set with flavours.

Size/weight/dimensions: 5 bags/25g each.


Voluspa pumpkin spice.

For more classic fall coziness, consider a three-wick Voluspa candle that features pumpkin, marshmallow, vanilla, coconut cream, and cinnamon notes.

Who it's ideal for: Anyone who wants a warm, cozy, spicy scent.

Why we're endorsing it: Brand trust, design, pretty tin.

Where it could use improvements: Voluspa candles are a higher price point.

Size/weight/dimensions: Three-wick candle.

Pumpkin pie cologne.

If smelling like a pumpkin pie is the priority, there's a minimal amount of this Demeter Pumpkin Pie cologne available – it has no user reviewers and a pretty obscure online profile – read more about it on perfume review site Fragnatica.

Pumpkin body bar.

Pumpkin Spice Granola Bars look good enough to eat, but if someone does, they'll end up washing their mouth out with soap. These very realistic dessert soap bars are made with vitamin E extract, aloe and colloidal oatmeal and smell like a buttercream spiced pumpkin treat.

Marshmallow pumpkin spice body butter.

High-quality whipped body butter is much creamier and smoother than the waxy stuff from big box stores. This Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte cream from Edmonton Etsy seller Clean Natural Skincare is made with shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil for a silky, nourishing cream.

Poo pourri pumpkin.

Is there a limit to pumpkin spice inventions? Judging by the Poo Pourri Boxed Pumpkin Spice toilet bowl spray (a  before you go" odour eliminator), no. No, there is not.