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5 winter ready tips from celebrity makeup artist Rose-Mary Holosko

Want to get a red-carpet-worthy tan, any time of year? Look no further than Vita Liberata 's range of self-tanning products, loved by Oscar-winning makeup artist Rose-Mary Holosko.

Want to get a red-carpet-worthy tan, any time of year? Look no further than Vita Liberata's range of self-tanning products, loved by Oscar-winning makeup artist Rose-Mary Holosko.

In her vast experience, Holosko has garnered great results using Vita Liberata products on celebrities like Nina Dobrev for her film, Flatliners, and on members from the cast of SUITS (so, princess worthy!). We chatted with Holosko about her favourites from the range, plus asked her to reveal her personal best self-tanning tips! (Psst: Find out how to enter to win a Vita Liberata prize pack here!)

 Photo: VITA DailyPhoto: VITA Daily

How did you first hear about/encounter Vita Liberata's products?

At Ashgrove Spa, in Markham, Ontario. I was doing a movie called xXx in 2015. I had been using St. Tropez but when I was at the spa and touched some of the Vita Liberata products and felt them I thought, this is really nice. That’s it, once I tried them I was hooked! It was a matter of trying it and feeling the quality and the texture. It was easy to apply and wasn’t streaky. The mitts are great quality; you can wash them over and over again and they don’t fall apart.

There are lots of self-tanners on the market to choose from. Why do you use Vita Liberata?

Because of the quality of the product. I also really like the fact that it doesn’t have an odour and the texture is fantastic. It feels very light on.

 Photo: VITA DailyPhoto: VITA Daily

Of the entire range, what's your favourite VL product and why?

When I discovered Body Blur there was no turning back. I think it’s because I can use it in the trailer, and it’s easy to use. I apply it on actors’ legs and arms, and once it dries, which takes seconds, there’s a beautiful sheen to the skin. Even actors that tell me they don’t want self-tanners, love Body Blur. It doesn’t feel gooey; the texture is light and airy. Also, you don’t need special gimmicks to put it on, just rub it on your palms or use a mitt for an even more flawless finish and go!

 Photo: VITA DailyPhoto: VITA Daily

Who, celebrity wise, have you used these products on, and for what purpose? Have you received any feedback from celebs?

I recently used it on Nina Dobrev for Flatliners. All my actors have all been really impressed by the results of Vita Liberata. Nina had a lot of water scenes and Body Blur stayed really well on her.

For all of us non-movie stars (!), what are your top insider/pro tips around using self-tanning products?

> Always exfoliate, especially the heels, knees, elbows, any joint areas that the product might have a tendency to build on.

> When you put on self-tanners or Body Blur, make sure skin is not dry or ashy, it won’t blend properly so make sure you moisturize so it will blend beautifully

> Use a mitt where you can, it will help to apply the product a lot smoother

> Always start with the lightest colour and don’t be afraid to blend them, add a drop or two of other shades to find your perfect match. Easier to start light and then can darken. You can always layer it. Easier to add colour then to try to lighten it. Don’t be afraid to start lighter and proceed to darker

> My second-favourite product is the Fabulous Self-Tanning Gradual Tan Lotion. It is fantastic to gradually get you tan. A glow starts to appear after a couple of applications then you really start to look healthier. That’s my other favourite product, because it’s so gradual and easy to work with, you don’t necessarily feel like a different person the next day. |


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