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A 3-day 'melodic and power metal' music festival is coming to Vancouver

"An unforgettable weekend of melodic metal"
Hyperspace Metal Festival two
Hyperspace Metal Festival is back in Vancouver April 15-17 at Funky Winkerbeans and the Rickshaw Theatre.

A three-day "melodic and power metal festival" is back in Vancouver.

The Hyperspace Metal Festival will be held at Funky Winker Beans and the Rickshaw Theatre from April 15 to 17.

After being postponed for one and a half years, the lineup has had a few changes but will feature 20 bands plus headliners Into Eternity, Witherfall, Iron Kingdom, Archon Legion, Dire Peril and Planeswalker.

"This is going to be an unforgettable weekend of melodic metal that if you are a fan of the genre you are not going to want to miss!” says Joey Hockin, Hyperspace Metal Festival organizer.

Here's the full lineup:

April 15 (Funky Winker Beans)​

Iron Kingdom
Silver Talon
Forsaken Rite

April 16 (Rickshaw Theatre)​

Archon Legion
Ravenous E.H
Ophelia Falling

April 17 (Rickshaw Theatre)​

Into Eternity
Helion Prime
Dire Peril
Winters Reach

Hyperspace Metal Festival

When: April 15-17, 2022

Where: Rickshaw Theatre - 254 E. Hastings St. and Funky Winker Beans - 37 W Hastings St., Vancouver

Tickets: $22.29 – $57.83; purchase online