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Video: Country star Luke Bryan bails at Vancouver music festival

After he shared video of the fall with everyone at the show
Luke Brain falls on stage at Vancouver Coast City Country Festival.

Luke Bryan had a very public fall this weekend while in Vancouver.

Not in a metaphorical sense, but in a very literal one, as the country music megastar bailed at the Coast City Country Music Festival at B.C. Place on April 20.

As he was crossing the stage his feet went forward while the rest of him went down as he appeared to slip on something in the middle of his set head lining the Vancouver music festival.

Luckily he's ok, though it appears someone's phone might not be.

@dmanettss @Luke Bryan glad youre okay babe 🫶🏼 #coastcitycountry ♬ original sound - manetta
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@twoacorn5541391 @Luke Bryan falls on stage #loveyoumissyoumeanit ♬ original sound - austin
@bmwilsonn10 what an absolute legend😂 #lukebryan #lukebryanconcert #lukebryanfunny #coastcitycountry #countryconcert #foryou ♬ original sound - brooklyn wilson

After he shared video someone took of his fall on the big screens beside the stage.

"Hey, I need some viral," he said showing the video. "This is viral!"

@rallyrina @Luke Bryan you good bud??? Atleast you’re viral right 😅🫶🏽 @Coast City Country #coastcitycountry #vancouverbc #countryfestival #lukebryan #lukebryanbails #countryconcert #lukebryanconcert ♬ original sound - Sarina Torres

Bryan doesn't appear to be the most graceful performer on stage, ever, as there are several videos of him tripping, slipping and falling while performing.