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Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator) Cuts Into Humility And Digs Deep at Vancouver Creative Mornings

The concept is simple: Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series that happens once a month, it's free and open to the public.

The concept is simple: Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series that happens once a month, it's free and open to the public. With chapters all over the world, this month the Vancouver team invited designer and artist Danielle Krysa to tell her story. The Jealous Curator discusses her brutal beginnings and cuts us a slice of humble pie to showcase the layers that make up humility. Here's the scoop on this month's Vancouver Creative Morning.


Vulnerable and flailing towards a soggy bottom Krysa uses the metaphor of pie to explain her inner critic and the two sides of humility. Do you ever feel slightly haunted by an inner voice? Danielle takes us by the hand and shows us her biggest fears. She survived her BFA after having been told, "you should never paint again" and feeling continually blindsided by criticisms." GASP!

Carrying around raging self-doubt during and after her art education, she left art making behind for a decade and followed design which as she explains was sweet relief, a safe place. Don't we all have that safe place? We're with her here. She states, "I have so many canvases, perfect, clean canvases in my studio that I'm so afraid to touch because I think I'd ruin them." Unsettled with design, and still emotionally suspended from art making she states, "I was basically overwhelmed, super jealous and broken - back down in the crust where I'd been all those years before...possibly under the pan."

A captive audience cheering, clapping and drawing along.

It wasn't until she received a slice of advice to throw a blog together and archive all her bits and pieces of inspiration, the art she finds and admires. Soon after, The Jealous Curator was born. With 17,000 followers on Instagram and a website that gathers attention all over the world she's collaborated with Oprah Magazine, Pixar, Phillips De Pury and found her stride. Her books Creative Block and Creative Unblock are widely adored. We ask ourselves, if we channelled all the jealousy we ever had, could we make a career of it? The Jealous Curator created her own niche and she owns it.

Deep n’ Delicious Pie, a prize for an early morning audience member

The ticket lottery goes live Friday April 17th right here. Be sure to enter the lottery for the May edition of Vancouver Creative Mornings where Justin Hart will be speaking on the topic of Robots and Creativity in the heart of Gastown at SFU Woodward's. For an inspiring end to your week, be sure to throw your name in the hat - we hope to see you there!