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Fashion Designer, Nicole Bridger on Creative Climate and Mindfulness

[embed][/embed] She tackles one of the biggest words of our time, climate.


She tackles one of the biggest words of our time, climate. Local fashion designer and business entrepreneur Nicole Bridger spoke on Creative Climate and Mindfulness for our February edition of Creative Mornings. Born and raised in Vancouver, Bridger received her BAA in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in Toronto and soon after landed an internship in London with Vivienne Westwood. Bridger began to realize her honest relationship to fashion design after such formal training, and is now using her design process as an avenue for positive social change. And so she begins.

In 2006 Nicole and Chip Wilson (the owner of Lululemon - incase you just momentarily forgot) founded Oqoqo, a leading brand in the North American eco-fashion market. Through this experience Bridger was in the right frame of mind to tie her serious love for dress with eco-consciousness and two years later founds Nicole Bridger Design. Through mindfulness she finds a sense of success, steadiness and an ability to instil confidence in others. In fact, her s/s2015 collection is called 'Keep Steady' - brilliant! Each collection inspired by a personal insight. Now, keeping on that inspirational track, we introduce April's creative hero.

For the April 3rd, 2015 edition of Creative Mornings we welcome the equally motivated, individual with a keen eye for authenticity, Danielle Krysa. You may know her as The Jealous Curator and perhaps her delicious, vibrant, gold mine of an Instagram account. She's with us to discuss Humility - feeling different, being true and her path to becoming The Jealous Curator and what her future means to her. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 11AM.