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Gastown shops get a friendly shot of design medicine for the holidays

Every once in a while I'm reminded of semi-dormant categories we have here on the blog.

Every once in a while I'm reminded of semi-dormant categories we have here on the blog. This weekend that category was Decorating which hasn't seen some love in a bit, and the person that reminded me of it was Chad Falkenberg from Falken Reynolds Interiors who let me know about the amazing initiative that his Gastown-based company has taken on again this year.

Decorate Gastown is in its third season and, in a nutshell, it's a group of 40 volunteers from the local design community who chip in to gift some decorative cheer to 10 Gastown businesses. "We started Decorate Gastown three years ago as a way to say thank you to shop owners for their part in making Gastown such a great neighbourhood to live and work," says Chad's co-principal Kelly Reynolds. "The shops pay only for the cost of materials and a team of volunteers brings each concept to life. We design installations to make the shops look more festive for the holidays without resorting to typical seasonal decorations. The ultimate goal is to put a smile on the faces of patrons and make life a little easier for small business owners."

Complex Geometries

Below is a list of all of the shops who received early Christmas gifts this year. Check them out ONLINE and then get down to Gastown to check out all of the installations in person:

- B&B Italia Window for Inform Interiors - "Home For the Holidays" in collaboration with Object Outdoors  Colin Campbell Carpets and Jeff Martin Joinery
- Bulthaup - Birch Bark and Solid Copper Wreath -  Birch bark from wind-felled trees. Copper frame by Matthew Mate Lighting
- Complex Geometries - Light Stick Tree. Repurposed flourescent tubes from the previous tenant.
- JJ Bean - Woodwards - Coffee Sack Burlap Wreath
- JJ Bean - Railway Street - Coffee Sack Burlap Wreath
- Litchfield - Origami Inspired Craft Paper Cube
- Lynn Steven Boutique - The Cozy Bookworm Scarf
- Roden Gray - Christmast Columns in collaboration with Object Outdoors
- Sea Monstr Sushi - Sapporo Can Wreath
- Six Acres - Retro Multi-Light-Bulb Wreath