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Happy Question Time: Melissa Ferreira

Melissa Ferreira is not only a fabulous designer and visual artist in Vancouver, she’s also happens to be your newest girl crush.

Melissa Ferreira is not only a fabulous designer and visual artist in Vancouver, she’s also happens to be your newest girl crush. The former Montreal-er not only has a sweet collection of vinyl records, but she also happens to design some of the coolest clothing and art pieces. Cool fact about her: she’s inspired by vintage clothing, and her pieces are made from reclaimed and up-cycled materials. Wild! The owner of Adhesif clothing in Mount Pleasant (stop in for a visit at 2202 Main Street. You’ll also see fashion and art from other designers in Canada, or take a look at the blog), is honest, laid-back, and wise. And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s also an organizer of the annual Nifty for Fifty event, where you can find handmade accessories, fashion, trinkets and more and everything is under $50. Read on to find out all about Melissa below!

Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do, in your own words.

I’m a complex creature. I’m full of hypocrisies but who isn’t? I like a good story. I enjoy the mysteries of life. I love juxtaposition, contrast and visual interest. Confidence is sexy. I have an obsession for vintage clothing and for yesteryear in general. The old days were pretty damn romantic and better quality for the most part in every aspect of the meaning.

What are the top five things that are most important in your life?

Honesty, love, nature, humor, and good food.

If you could choose a mantra for the world, what would it be?

Less is more

If you could be any ice cream flavour, which one would you be? Why?

Double chocolate with extra chocolate on top because it really gets that serotonin going.

If you could swap closets with a celebrity, who would it be? What would be the first thing you’d try on?

Iris Apfel! HANDS DOWN. She is SO fabulously unique and stylish! She’s not afraid to make a statement. Her whole wardrobe is wonderfully eclectic. What an eye she has! Oh God, I wouldn’t know where to start in her closest. She has the largest collection of statement couture jewelry.

Which would you choose: either a lifetime supply of tacos, but with no salsa, or a lifetime supply of spaghetti, but with no meat balls?

Spaghetti’s an easy choice. I like me a good bowl of carbs, so long as there’s parmesan lots and lots of parmesan.

If you could transport into a new universe which one would you enter into?


If you had a whole day free of adult responsibilities, what would you do with your day?

So I’ve been working these 6 day work weeks in my shop/studio since July so getting day drunk in a giant hammock on a vacant beach sounds really appealing right about now.

Make sure to keep up to date with Melissa on Twitter, and her Etsy shop.