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Here, do these 12 Vancouver-related Wordles

Some local Wordle action for you
Are you addicted to the daily Wordle game? We've created some Vancouver-inspired Wordle-style word quizzes to keep you busy until the next official Wordle comes around.

If you're like a high percentage of Vancouver Is Awesome's newsroom employees, you've recently picked up the online game Wordle and added it to your daily routine - and you can't get enough.

The simple-yet-captivating word game became a global phenomenon during the Omicron wave of COVID-19, offering a simple brain tickler once per day.

We've used the tool at to put together 12 Vancouver-related Wordle-style quizzes for you to dive into, once you've completed the official Wordle quiz for the day.

Enjoy playing "Vancouverdle" using the links below! And feel free to tag us on social when you share your colour-blocked guess grid!

Vancouverdle 1

Vancouverdle 2

Vancouverdle 3

Vancouverdle 4

Vancouverdle 5

Vancouverdle 6

Vancouverdle 7

Vancouverdle 8

Vancouverdle 9

Vancouverdle 10

Vancouverdle 11

Vancouverdle 12