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How WWF Canada is showing us we're all wildlife

In partnership with WWF Canada , we’re presenting their new thought-provoking national campaign “We Are All Wildlife.

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In partnership with WWF Canada, we’re presenting their new thought-provoking national campaign “We Are All Wildlife.” Recognizing the intersection of nature and economy, the campaign brings awareness to the fundamental relationship humans have with nature and demonstrates that when nature thrives, so do people. This campaign kicks off the organization’s new five-year strategy inspired by WWF’s 2015 Living Planet Report, in which it was noted that Canadians are using approximately 3.7 times their share of earth’s available resources. And in the past 40 years, wildlife populations have declined by 52 per cent over the past 40 years. 

As humans, we tend to ignore issues negatively affecting nature today because we haven’t felt the full ramifications of it yet - climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution. But these are directly tied into our quality of life and the ability to thrive on earth today and the future. WWF Canada’s new 5 Year Plan looks into building and implementing new models across the country that provide benefit for both nature and economy. They have committed to pursuing two major goals by 2020 in which they will focus on different regions and take action such as implementing habitat-friendly renewable energy and creating sustainable fisheries for communities in addition to cultivating a deeper connection to nature for 3.5 million Canadians.

WWF "We Are All Wildlife" from john st. on Vimeo.

While these may sound daunting to anyone not in a position to make decisions that contribute to these goals, there’s still something you can do. In addition to educating yourself on these issues and adapting sustainable habits that positively impact the environment, you can spread the word through social media.

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The hashtag #WeAreAllWildlife is raising awareness in WWF Canada’s mission to demonstrate that when nature thrives, people thrive. We have the power to make sure this world is inhabitable for every animal and human in it. In the end, we’re all doing our best to survive and our future depends on how well we take care of each other. Share your thoughts with the #WeAreAllWildlife hashtag and what it means to you.

For more information on WWF Canada’s 5-Year Plan visit: